Thursday 29 April 2021

What a Difference a Day Makes

The following two photos, taken 24 hours apart, show progress in the north-east turret toilet. Gregor has been furiously flexing the bristles of his paint brush today, and it has been fun to drop in every so often to see the changes. 


By the end of today the room was over 50% painted. Gregor complained that the circular room felt like a prison cell, as there was little room to manoeuvre and he barely left it all day.


Before painting the ceiling of the passageway leading to the toilet, I photographed some strange pencil lines on the ceiling that presumably were made around 1860. These follow the line of the wall, but are roughly 3 inches and then 6 inches in from the wall. The exact measurements are in eighths of an inch, implying an imperial vintage. The reason for these lines stumped both Gregor and myself. Can anyone solve this mystery? I recorded them in the two photos below for the historic record.

pencil lines on ceiling of toilet passageway (i)

pencil lines on ceiling of toilet passageway (ii)

1 comment:

  1. The pencils lines look like somebody planned to paint a border...

    ...and never finished.

    Been there. Done that!

    Looking fabulous!