Friday, 2 April 2021

Church Lights

Thanks to the current refitting of Lochee West Church in Dundee, I was offered some vintage chandeliers. I am sure I said yes within a few seconds, as I love historic lighting so much. In the event, the lights turned out to be perfect for the area of the castle being currently worked on so a matching pair of copper Arts and Crafts chandeliers were put up in a hallway today.

first set of hallway lights

second set of hallway lights

There is a second set of larger and slightly more flamboyant copper chandeliers which we have put up in some bedrooms, but we have yet to connect these up and get the full effect.

What is great about Arts and Crafts is that it is an infinitely refined and tasteful aesthetic and not at all showy. So most people love it.

Thanks to sparkie George for rewiring, and getting 3 core twisted flex through holes intended for 2 core twisted flex!

Watch this space for the bedroom lights.


  1. Like you, I am a "resurrection man" in regard to old building parts. Salvageable discards are given a new life that preserves them, and while I lament the loss of place and context, better re-use than disappearance. I fail to comprehend the institutional push to replace what Ross MacTaggart calls "the old above", but suggest that the church's loss is Balintore's gain, and the serene loveliness of these fixtures will provide the castle's guests with lasting pleasure.

  2. What a fabulous find! These lights are just beautiful.