Saturday, 27 June 2015

Gluttony Begats Art

After a recent wasted trip to Kirriemuir, I thought I should take advantage of being in town, and went to get an ice-cream from Visocchi's - the renown ice-cream parlour. It was that rare thing in Angus - a sweltering day. :-)

En route, I was surprised to encounter this painting of Balintore Castle in a shop window by an excellent local artist called Jack MacDonald. I have liked a number of his works in the past - all spotted while passing this shop. 

Balintore Castle painting by Jack MacDonald

I sometimes have trouble with the uncanny-valley when a painting is close in tone to a photograph, but there is no denying the strength of the composition and the skilled use of colour here. It captures well the feeling of the building nestling in a powerful landscape - something I love about the castle.

Oh yes, I can recommend the tutti-frutti: even better than the vanilla. I had a double scoop.