Sunday 15 May 2011

Normal Service Will be Resumed As Soon As Possible!

Sorry folks - the Internet went down at the castle after just 3 days of the blog. :-( That's why there have been no more blog entries. It's not due to lack of  blog dedication!

I'm currently using the InterNet at a friend's house.

Talk Talk refused to sort out the problem with the castle's InterNet unless I bought one of their modems. I pointed out that the problem was not related to the type of modem, so they could still proceed with their initial investigations at least i.e.: the ADSL signal was missing on the line. Being a computer type, I had run the diagnostic S/W on the existing modem. However, the technical support chap said "If I do not do as I am told. I will get into trouble", so pretty much an admission that the company is more dedicated to ripping off their customers than helping them.

It is a noticeable trend that all big companies have an operations procedure designed to extract money from customers unjustly. I would NOT be able to sleep at night if I was one of the business analysists that designed these systems.

Anyhow, the blog will resume when I get online again.