Saturday 27 June 2015

Gluttony Begats Art

After a recent wasted trip to Kirriemuir, I thought I should take advantage of being in town, and went to get an ice-cream from Visocchi's - the renown ice-cream parlour. It was that rare thing in Angus - a sweltering day. :-)

En route, I was surprised to encounter this painting of Balintore Castle in a shop window by an excellent local artist called Jack MacDonald. I have liked a number of his works in the past - all spotted while passing this shop. 

Balintore Castle painting by Jack MacDonald

I sometimes have trouble with the uncanny-valley when a painting is close in tone to a photograph, but there is no denying the strength of the composition and the skilled use of colour here. It captures well the feeling of the building nestling in a powerful landscape - something I love about the castle.

Oh yes, I can recommend the tutti-frutti: even better than the vanilla. I had a double scoop.


  1. The sky really does look photographed. I would be sorely tempted to purchase everything I saw associated with the castle, should I have been so fortunate to have it.

  2. Hi David. I'm so pleased I found your blog, it's really great! I fell in love with Balintore castle the moment my father first took me to see it! Pleased to see that you're taking the time and effort to restore such a beautiful piece of history and protect it's surroundings! I would be greatly appreciative if you could please contact me via email at I have a question for you and not sure how it would really work but curious and would be great if you could help me with it. Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping everyone updated on Balintores progress! Shannon Johnstone

  3. Wow! I made it through all your posts. What an adventure it was, and is! I can't believe you are battling yet another wind farm proposal!! How much can one guy deal with?!
    I'm hoping it is all going well for you and I'm looking forward to your next post.

    1. I'm immensely delighted and flattered that you made it all the way through. Just because I've not written an entry for a wee while does not mean the adventure is not continuing, and indeed the best stories that so libelous that I can't write them! :-) Many thanks, David

    2. Who doesn't relish a libelous story?! ;-)
      Please hurry with the next update, I'm desperate to hear your news...

    3. Oh my David....can't you change the names & dates to protect the not so innocent? A good story is a good story!

    4. I can assure you that even telling the story would require much prior consultation with lawyers! :-)

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