Saturday 10 April 2021

Church Lights II

The second pair of chandeliers I purchased from Lochee Parish Church, during its current refurbishment, came without shades. Accordingly, I ordered a set of 6 vintage glass shades off eBay. and these arrived yesterday. They are not quite as sharp as the original style of shade shown here, however. they do the job and add a little domestic softness to the bedrooms.

first set of Lochee lights in the purple bedroom

I am so delighted with the Arts and Crafts look of these lights: patinated copper in an arabesque form. In fact each of the 3 arms that swoops down on both lights are reminiscent of an octopus tentacle with sucker-like serrations. Was this intentioned? 

second set of Lochee lights in the (soon to be) red bedroom

The lights in this blog entry are slightly larger than the previous pair described here. You might ask which was my favourite design, and I would say that this pair are scaled perfectly for a bedroom and the previous pair are scaled perfectly for a hallway.  So there is no such thing as a favourite light. Instead one is doing the best one can for the various contexts in the castle.

I was hoping to photograph these lights in sunshine - a not unreasonable expectation given the sunshine over the last few days. However, this afternoon it started snowing again - and this is Saturday 10th April !!!!! - so I just went ahead and took the photos regardless. This is in total contrast to last Saturday which was ridiculously warm and sunny.

The gods decidedly owe us a good summer this year.


  1. Either it's a reflection of the bathroom paint, or I have a little green monster trying to escape?! You need to sign post me to the source of your light purchases! I'm in need of new lights for my up-coming bathroom renovations!

    1. Keep an eye out on:

      The church lights were a bit of a one-off, as I had bought the old pulpit previously! :-)