Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Tiled Panel

I normally tile directly onto the wall, but a more intricate than usual design for some tiled panels, demanded that the tiles were cut in advance, to check out the look. And in fact, I played about with the pattern on the floor for some time, before working out where best to make the cuts.

At Balintore the aim is to create a credible period design, with a credible period palette of colours. Emerald and white are historic tile colours, and I felt a little accent of gold would lift the effect. I am fascinated by the question  "What is the appropriate degree of elaborateness for any given situation?". Here, too designed would look modern or tacky, but no design looks dull, uninteresting and depressing. The photo below shows the  compromise at which I arrived. I hope I can get it on the wall. :-)

DIY tiled panel


  1. Not sure about the gold though. Doesn't look period. I would have used a yellow shade from period images to get the right feel.

    1. Other feedback on Facebook is also less keen on the gold. The room is actually more Art Deco in feel, and this style can be somewhat bling. I do have a soft spot for a modicum of bling - my apologies. :-)