Tuesday 9 March 2021

The Shed

Many thanks to friend of Balintore, Morag who once was a beater on the Estate, for sending me this postcard along with an original ink well from the drawing room of the castle, where served as the beaters' dormitory. Morag gifted me these items in 2008 and I have treasured them to this day.

This postcard is un-used and on photographic paper. 

This is the only image I have of this shed on the south elevation of the castle. The location has an astonishing view but the wind can whip past, so a gazebo affair is a perfect solution. I rely on the ground effect where the wind velocity close to the ground (or close to a wall) is always zero, and by pressing my back onto the stonework some relief is afforded from the aeolian gods. Wikipedia informs me these are Zephyrus (gentle west wind), Boreas (north wind), Notus (south wind), and Eurus (east wind). Some instinct tells me that Lady Langman may have set-up the shed in the 1920's or 1930's when fresh air and sunlight became enormously fashionable.

The photograph was taken early on a sunny morning (the sun is due east), with the lead canopy of the oriel window glinting in the direct light. Ivy has grown up the walls to the level of the first string course. Many blinds are in evidence to protect the interior from fading or the guests from the dangers of exposure. In the summer months, who would want to close the shutters?

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