Tuesday 20 August 2013

Exploding Wheelbarrow

I do not quite remember when the Balintore Castle wheelbarrow first came into my life. Neither do I know with any certainty where it came from. However, I suspect it was a generously donated gift item. It has definitely seen better days, but is metal and though thoroughly bashed around, has plenty of life left in it yet.

Today, I was hauling around ridiculously heavy quantities of hardcore. The professional supervising the operation, pointed out that the tyre on the wheelbarrow needed inflating. Aside from sheer inertia, the other reason I hadn't inflated the type was that I was dubious about the state of the type and "best left alone" is often the watchword.

However, on professional advice I inflated to a compromise 20 PSI. "It still looks a little soft, David" was the advice after a few more loads of hardcore. I inflated to a second compromise of 35 PSI. A few more loads, and then a deafening "BANG!!!!". It was a wheelbarrow tyre blow-out of the highest order, my load dropped and was now glued to the floor and immobile. I was blocking the corridor too, and it won't be a surprise to those that know me that the second professionally-manned wheelbarrow had lapped me several times, cruelly mocking my puny efforts, and even now was threatening to get past.

The supervisor helped me carry the corpse of the wheel barrow, distended by its last meal, to a suitable place of rest. I retired to source a new inner and outer tube on eBay, which is more where my skill set lies. Delivery tomorrow, Fingers crossed that my trusty pack mule is only hors de combat for one day.

gargantuan wheelbarrow blow-out: ravaged inner and outer tubes


  1. If you can find a solid hard rubber tire I highly recommend one (they won't collapse under heavy loads), we have an very old wheelbarrow with one that we subject to terrible abuse, and it's been indestructible . . . I can't even fathom the scope of your project, it's incredible to see it taking shape!

  2. wheelbarrow wheel.....Spare
    Hi David FYI I see ALDI are selling these just know at £9.99. ''Replacement 360mm pneumatic wheel Includes bush to reduce bore size to 13mm''

    Idris Robb