Wednesday 28 August 2013

Flooring on The Move

A generous benefactor gifted some spare reclaimed oak flooring, that had lying around in their garden, to the Balintore Castle restoration project. Hurrah! Yesterday, I set off in my trusty pick-up to collect. When I arrived, it looked like another two trips would be required, but by carefully packing the back of the pickup for maximum density with the 5" wide planks (see the first image) and by using the passenger seats for the 2 ¾ " strip flooring (see the second image), I may get away with just one more trip.

I can't wait to put this flooring in situ, and then sand it to bring the characteristic oak graining back to life. Flooring, certainly in the quantities required at the castle, requires a lot of handling, but when you know you are putting something of beauty back you don't mind.

pick-up tightly packed with reclaimed flooring
just as well there are no passengers in the back!

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