Friday, 9 August 2013

Drawing Room Rejoist Rejoice

Rejoice! - as of this afternoon the floor in the drawing room has now been totally rebuilt. Most of the existing beams were OK, only two had to be replaced. Around half of the wall-plates had rotted away and were replaced. The wall-plates are essentially the "beams" that go round the outside of a room and give something for the floor joists to sit upon. The floor joists had been removed a long time ago (for salvage one presumes), a few were left in-situ, but all bar one were rotten. So basically all the floor joists had to be re-installed using new timber.

You can see all the new floor joists running left to right in the photographs. Before, because the drawing room had no floor, you could only peer in from the doorway. Now, by treading on the joists you can walk around the room for the first time: it's a good feeling.

We did have a bit of a wobble this morning on the levels (you can see the unforgiving spirit level on the hearth), but thankfully this was nothing that a bit of brute force (my builder's not mine!) couldn't sort out.

I can't wait to get the floorboards down next.  This, in itself, is going to be a big task as the room is 21 feet by 35 feet. Has anyone got 68 square metres of flooring going cheap? :-)

newly be-joisted drawing room looking west

newly be-joisted drawing room looking east

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