Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Professionals Know All the Best Angles

Two delightful guests at last Saturday's castle party were Kyle and Louise who together have recently opened a photographic studio and gallery in Kirriemuir called "Hamilton Kerr", after their respective surnames. I was fortunate enough to attend the opening of the gallery, and this is where I first met Kyle and Louise.

A joyous surprise was seeing this stunning image of Balintore Castle at the opening exhibition. It really is one of the best photographs of the castle I have seen. Using the "ha ha" as visual symmetry for the castle is genius: why didn't I think of this angle? I always think of yesterday's ha-ha as today's infinity pool. :-)

Kyle and Louise have given me permission to use this image in my blog. You can find further examples of their work on their web site:

There is a strange coincidence in this picture. The Victorian architect, William Burn, who designed the castle would always produce a scenic painting of every building in its landscape for his clients, in advance of construction. Quite rightly, he did not expect a client to buy a concept "off plan" and "off elevation". Anyhow, he would always add "pen and ink" crows to the painting to zhuzh-up the gothic atmosphere. Fascinatingly. Hamilton Kerr have upheld this tradition with Photoshop, unconsciously tapping into the original vision of the architect.

Indeed, a number of talented photographers have each created their own unique vision of Balintore Castle through their art, and I hope to be able to showcase these works in future blog entries.


  1. This is indeed the best picture of Balintore I have seen so far. Totally beautiful, magnificent.

  2. Love the photo, it really beckons to me.