Tuesday 26 July 2011

Castle Internet Down AGAIN !

Apologies again for the lack of any blog entries. The Internet has been down at the castle for three days and counting, since the afternoon of Saturday 23rd July. :-(

I get occasional windows in time when the Internet works and the speed then is 55 kbits/second. Yes, a dial-up modem would be faster. Orange technical support said "If the problem has not gone in 10 days, contact us back.". Clearly, 10 days without the Internet is considered a perfectly valid service by this ISP!

I had another call to technical support today - the chap finally admitted that there was nothing he could do, and he said that the problem should be gone in two days. I asked him how he could say this, when it had been going on for longer than this already, and that the previous Internet outage (with identical symptoms) was 10 days. No justification was supplied.

Anyhow, the technical support must be improving as the guessed-at time to fix is going down. :-) / :-(

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  1. Hello David

    I think your blog is fantastic, so glad i found it. I have been fascinated with this beautiful castle since a boy.

    Could you email me at DuncanWoodJnr@Gmail.com as i have a few thing's i'd love to discuss with you if you have the time.

    Kind Regards