Monday 21 June 2021

Courtyard Troughs

Friend of Balintore, Karel, is a keen and knowledgeable gardener. As I am neither, it was no hardship and indeed a huge relief to delegate the planting of the troughs in the castle courtyard to Karel in preparation for the castle's open day on the 10th July.

The hostas and lavender have survived from the previous year, but everything else is new. Karel was careful to install some more plants which would survive over the winter, whereas I would have just gone for cheap and cheerful colour without the superior longer term approach of an expert.

The enclosed castle courtyard is the one area which is not subject to the onslaught of rabid rabbits and sheep. All my plantings elsewhere have been munched - so the lesson has been learned.

Anyhow, I am very much looking forward to the troughs becoming a riot of seasonal colour.

Karel's blue trough planting

Karel's warm colour trough planting

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