Saturday, 19 June 2021

Chandelier Restoration

Friend of Balintore, Karel, has bravely stepped in to restore the chandeliers in the servants' hall. I probably brought the lights about 10 years ago and put them up in this basement room just to cheer myself up. It is only recently that we have started restoring the room around about the chandeliers.

Over the last 10 years in the damp and cold basement, the iron of the lights has rusted, and the recent plastering work has covered the glass shades in plaster.

Karel cleaned the plaster off the glass shades. In the image below the "before" shades are on the left and the "after" shades are on the right.

glass shades before and after restoration

Karel removed the rust from the chandelier framework and then repainted the whole thing black. He even built a dedicated chandelier restoration framework, on advice from Gregor.

Karel and his repainted chandelier

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  1. How good it is that you have the support of your friends for these delicate restoration works and that the castle is already beginning to take shape.