Saturday, 9 January 2021

On Sale 1992

If you peruse the following property page from the "Aberdeen Press and Journal" dated 25 February 1992, you may spot a charming interloper. However, if you dislike challenges please scroll down as all will be revealed.

Anyhow, nestling in the centre of the bottom-left quadrant of the page is the following:


Balintore  Castle.  Built  in
1860.  Beautifully  situated
near Glen  Isla. Substantial
building in need of internal

Tel 024179300 or evenings
0241 77038.

Yup, in the company of humdrum domiciles, Balintore Castle was for sale. The past is certainly a different country, and property specs in the 1990's were not the cornucopia of Primelocation or Rightmove. One was largely restricted to limited details for local properties through the print media.

Tellingly, there are no details on the magnificence of Balintore. This is a developer trying to offload the castle which is, by then, in a pretty sorry state. I am unware who was selling Balintore in 1992, and don't know if anyone purchased the building at this time. If you have this information, please get in touch.


  1. With my 1894 house, one of my blog readers came across a yard sale ad from like 1902!

    1. I was able to narrow down the build date of our last house when I found a want ad in the classified for a housekeeper in 1913. The county records had the build date as 1914, which I thus knew was incorrect!

    2. It's great when you can use the historic record to prove dates. I have some some upcoming stuff on the build dates of Balintore. It's always been a mystery up to this point how long it took to build. I still don't have the full picture, but have some guidelines now.

  2. Finally, something with which I may be able to help! Hello, David, my name is Ralu - please get in touch at ralu.morel at