Sunday, 3 January 2021

The Moon and the Castle

Many thanks to the talented Bill Nicoll of Kirriemuir for this arresting image of Balintore Castle. A number of people shared it with me on Facebook, so it felt right to archive it in this blog. Bill had given his permission, of course, and guiltily admitted to some photo-shopping.  This is beside the point of course, Bill has captured the true spirit of the building from the romantic era

The Moon and the Castle

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  1. I have returned to admire this multiple times--the dour facade of the House, the fantastical turrets and towers of the castle, and the Moon, the Moon. Reminiscent of the art of the late Frank Frazetta, sans monsters and imperiled damsels!

    1. Delighted you like the image. I had to google "Frank Frazetta". I didn't know the name, but I recognised his art works immediately. The monsters and damsels must have hidden in the dungeons when the picture was taken. :-)