Saturday, 7 November 2020

Vale of Strathmore in Cloud

I have just returned to the castle after a few weeks away in the depth of Englandshire. The weather,  at the point one comes back after a period of absence, does rather dictate one's mood.  Wintry weather makes one question the wisdom of being in Scotland. However, at the moment the sky is clear and there is bright sunshine, doing a formidable impression of a summer's day even on the 7th of November. I am so pleased to be back. :-)

The presence of the sun is not universal. This photo, taken a few minutes ago, shows the wonderful atmospheric effect of cloud lying in the Valley of Strathmore. What a double whammy: good weather and the resulting smugness from others that are less fortunate.

view from castle: cloud lying in the Valley of Strathmore

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