Monday, 9 November 2020

Temperature Inversion Wonders II

The anomalous temperature inversion weather has been lingering now in the area for 3 days. The result is that waves of mist are rolling around creating amazing landscapes. These are especially magical when the light of the sun filters through.

This evening, just as it was about to get dark, the mist rolled bigtime into Glen Quharity. This is very rare, and only occurs every few years. At one stage the mist was threating to come up to the very edge of the castle itself, and when this happens the castle looks to be floating mysteriously on a sea of white. However, by the time I found my camera, the mists had disappointingly retreated somewhat. Anyhow, here are the photos I did manage to take.

looking across Glen Quharity: mist lying in bands

Glen Quharity encroached upon by mist

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