Tuesday 26 May 2020

Housekeeper's Room Progress

This blog is a useful way for me to record features of the castle before they are "lost" in the process of restoration. There are two surviving pieces of original woodwork in the house-keeper's room, and I wanted to record the paint colour before I repainted, hence this blog entry.

The restoration saga of the housekeeper's room started in January of this year, when Gregor started building a new wooden sub-floor. You can see how little has survived in this room, with exposed stonework on most walls.

16th January 2020

By April, a new window had been installed, the flooring was down and the walls had been strapped and plastered. 

18th April 2020

By yesterday (25th May) the tiling and painting was complete and wall units had been installed. The space was starting to look like a proper room again. There is clearly further work to be done, but it feels like the back has been broken. Further progress will be shown on the blog when it happens.

25th May 2020

And finally to that paint colour. The surviving bits of woodwork are the architrave and skirting board on the left of the door below. The colour is a light grey/brown which occurs elsewhere in the servants' areas. I got identical mouldings made. These have been painted white for some reason, but you can see that the profile is identical. I will be repainting all of the woodwork a greeny-brown which also appears in the servants' areas, as this darker colour works better with the dark woodwork and gives a consistent look and feel to what has already been restored.

grey-painted surviving woodwork on left
A detail of the original paint colour is shown below:

close-up of original paint colour


  1. So much progress! Bravo David and team.

  2. Very impressive. Did Gregor do all that single handed - or are you living at the castle now and working with him?