Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Any Old Iron

This is the bit of restoration I absolutely hate: throwing historic things away that give an insight into how life once was at Balintore Castle. It is the decision that is the most painful: what to keep, what to throw-away and where to store what you keep. The core of the decision in my view is re-use. There are brass mechanisms for the bell system, which are totally intact and beautiful especially when polished up - to be kept. There are sections of rusted iron fender - which are really too far gone to be repaired - these can go. The decision is multi-factorial, as there is one relatively intact iron fender in the castle.

At least I can document what is thrown out. Some items flung today may be seen in the photo below. From top to bottom: iron fender super-structure; polygonal iron banding from round the brick "copper" in the scullery; Fido's bowl; not a watering can but a vessel for maids to take hot water to guests' bedrooms; and finally the corner of a fender.

any old iron

I only just realised at this very moment that Fido is derived from the Latin word for trust!

And finally, to dis-spell the stress, is a magical lighting moment witnessed today during the iron scrapage. A geometrically perfect spider's web in the castle's basement is selectively back-lit from a circular opening at ground level.

backlit spider's web in castle basement


  1. Beautifully-lit spider's web, excellent eye David.
    Part of renovation/restoration is clearing up the area. All is good.

    1. Thanks Leigh for the kind words and encouragement. My builders are pushing me to get rid of the "old iron", so I am sure I will get better at it! :-)

    2. You are welcome, David. You have accomplished a lot. Looking at pictures when you purchased the castle and seeing the castle now, you might be amazed at rhe progress.