Monday, 9 December 2019

1932 Fashion

In "The [Dundee] Courier and Advertiser" dated Monday, November 21, 1932, may be found this article:

article dated Monday, November 21, 1932

I have transcribed the caption from the photograph:

ANGUS SPORTSMEN who took party in Edzell Gun
Club's shooting match on Saturday. Left to right--Mr J.
Fenton, Balintore Castle, Glenisla; Mr W. Smith, Fetter-
cairn; Mr G. Caithness, Craigendowie, Lethnot; and Mr
D. Howe, Marykirk. Messrs Caithness and Howe are
international shots.

While the two figures on the right may be international shots, Mr. J. Fenton from Balintore Castle (on the left) is the standout because he is rocking his look of baggy tweed suit and tweed hat placed backwards on his head. It is unclear if Mr. Fenton is the owner of the castle, the shooting tenant, the gamekeeper or a relative of the gamekeeper. Around this time, there was a gamekeeper called W. Fenton whose name, we found written on one of the shutters.

I would like to think that as a later resident of Balintore Castle that I have picked up the style mantle. But I don't think this!


  1. While I have read your every post, twice, I don't recall ever seeing images of much of the interior, save the kitchen wing.

    Or did I miss these posts somehow?

    I know most of the interior is not yet restored but I would so enjoy seeing the 2-story great hall, library, drawing room, library, bedrooms, etc.

    Just seeing the the entrance hall staircase has been a thrill!

    1. Thanks for reading posts twice! :-) You are not wrong that certain things are not shown on the blog - well spotted. There are very painful reasons for this. I can explain if you contact me on Facebook as MrBalintore.