Saturday, 25 August 2018

Civilisation Delta

I have to continually remind people that conditions in a castle undergoing restoration are far from their palatial expectations, and in fact may more accurately be described as squalid.

There is one working WC in the castle: obviously an essential for the many craftsmen who work on site. However, for the last 6 years or so the accompanying wash-hand basin has been a plastic bowl which you have to empty down the WC.

Some visitors were arriving late yesterday, and suddenly I decided enough was enough so earlier in the day I asked Gregor and Greg to install a proper wash-hand basin. I had picked up this small repro Art Deco basin a few months back at an auction for £12 which, as it turned out, fitted perfectly into the window opening. One doesn't feel one can ask for oneself, but I could ask on behalf of others.

The basin is sitting at a somewhat wonky angle, but it will have to be taken out anyway when a proper window is fitted. At least it is fully functional, and it is a major advance for the level of civilisation at the castle.

first working bathroom basin installed at the castle


  1. So sorry to miss you this afternoon. I guess you did not see my second message. Loved seeing the place again and very impressed by the difference in the external structure.

  2. Hello again Sheana. I did not see your second message until this moment - believe it or not I am not always on the Internet. :-) I was, however, at the castle at 3PM yesterday so cannot understand how I missed you. Due to the size of the building you can easily miss someone shouting, so I must apologise. Are you still coming round today as per the original plan. I baked some scones specially.

  3. Hello,
    we are holidaying in the area for a few days just minutes from Balintore and wondered whether it is possible to see the castle or is it off limits. It looks really interesting.

    Please let me know.


  4. Yes, you are welcome to call round before this Sunday.You can make arrangements via Facebook. I am MrBalintore on facebook.

    1. Hello,
      I sent a message. Hope you got it. We are going to come Thursday morning. Hope that's okay.

      Thank you

  5. It's the simple pleasures in life David that makes all the difference