Saturday, 25 August 2018

Downpipes: Update

A brief update to yesterday's entry. Adding paint thinner to the grey cast iron primer made it go on smoother (without the unevenness problem), made it easier to handle, and made it go further. Win, win, win! 

Two of the three square cast iron downpipes on the exterior of the kitchen wing have now been installed and painted as shown below.

kitchen wing cast iron downpipe 1 of 3

kitchen wing cast iron downpipe 2 of 3


  1. Downpipes are not something one normally even notices. But yours are looking fabulous!

  2. Many people understimate the importance of these details and the impact they make on the exterior, great choice ! My mothers last house was an old victorian school house and it had amazing cast iron gutters and downpipes etc all painted black of course. They made the house look more important than it was.