Monday, 11 January 2016

Carrach Windfarm Update

The threat of the Macritch Hill Windfarm, mentioned in my previous blog entry, has only been round for a couple of years. This contrasts with the threat of the Carrach Windfarm, even closer to the castle, which has been around since 2008 and which continues even to this very day.

When the application for Carrach Windfarm was initially withdrawn in 2009, the inhabitants of the glen were relieved and felt safe. Little did we know at that stage there would be two further applications, and then two further appeals, when each of those applications was turned down. And so it goes on.

On a more positive note, I though you might enjoy these photographs of a bonfire we built for a party to celebrate the initial withdrawal of the Carrach application. The photographs date from October of 2009 and have not been published on this blog before. This wooden model of a wind turbine acted as "Guy Fawkes" for the bonfire night party of that year. The party guests were delighted to see it burn, because it represented the hard fought-for victory against the wind farm.

Ironically, the model blew over in a storm before the party, despite the guy ropes you can see. The scale of the model was such, that we did not have the strength needed to haul it back into an upright position. I called on the local gamekeeper to help, and thankfully he provided the necessary extra muscle power. I will always recall him walking back to his house, shaking his head slowly from side to side as if to say: "What is this folly? :-)

model wind turbine with attached bonfire

bonfire with castle in background


  1. Although the pic has some "foreshortening" I would be concerned about putting a bonfire so close to a house I was trying to protect. Big fires tend to come with a "tornado" of sparks & embers that may approach the roof. I hope that all went well.

    1. Thanks for your concern Randy. Rest assured that the bonfire was well away from the castle and that the building was in no danger when the bonfire burned. Balintore Castle is such a big building that it constantly messes up one's spatial judgement. Even now my friends and I tend to underestimate any work required.