Saturday 9 January 2016


The bridge across the Carity Burn leading towards the western approach for Balintore Castle has just been rebuilt after a recent collapse. During the current floods, the locals are naturally very much on the look-out to see how it fares. So far, the bridge is holding up, though there is considerable flooding in the immediate area as can be seen from the photographs.

The castle's carpenter was held hostage in his house by the floods last week, and food has had to be brought to him across a field. The current inundation could be called octi-biblical: it has been raining constantly for 5 days and nights, an eighth of the 40 days and nights that caused the Flood in Genesis.

location of bridge on western approach to Balintore Castle

looking north over rebuilt Carity Burn bridge towards Castle Hill

looking south over rebuilt Carity Burn bridge

You can see a rather nervous-looking silver car in the last picture, wondering whether it should attempt driving through the flooded section of road!

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  1. How are you coping looking after two of every animal? :)