Thursday 24 December 2015

Balintore in Minecraft

With just 10 minutes to go until Christmas day 2015, a suitable gift to all friends of Balintore are these screen captures of a Minecraft version of Balintore Castle courtesy of my friend Andrew. I find a strange reassurance in that, however geeky I am, I am not that geeky! :-) Seriously, I cannot imagine the patience and time required to generate this model. Anyone who knows the castle, will appreciate how accurate it are. Naturally, round towers are tricky in a block-based world, but Andrew has improvised extremely well.


  1. That is pretty cool. And the only reason I know what minecraft is, is because I had to get my young grandson some sort of minecraft sword for Christmas.

  2. I love how there is also a special parents zone this year with multiple slots on the educational benefits of Minecraft, how to play and your questions answered (I know I have a few). Too Many Items MCPE