Thursday 14 November 2013

Winter is Coming

One of the ways to offset the downer that is winter, is to lay down a good wood supply. Not only is one taking an active stance, which is good for morale, but the warmth and spectacle of a wood fire are eternal mood lifters.

This is the first winter Balintore Castle has had an organised wood supply, stored in the dry, and which has been chopped into lengths suitable for the wood burner. Previously, wood fires were on an ad-hoc basis, with the wood often being the wrong size or damp from being outside.

I can offer no particular explanation of the reform from chaos to order. However, it may be that ongoing work has made the castle a more practical place to exist in, and this enabling has tipped the balance on certain aspects of civilised living.

The Balintore wood supply is in the old housekeeper's basement linen room, I'm sure she understands. :-)

this winter's wood supply at Balintore Castle

The forestry plantations in the area feature larch, which have just turned a wonderful yellow colour prior to the dropping of their needles. Larch is that rarity a deciduous conifer. There are around 20 species of deciduous conifers and most of these belong to the larch family. The view is out of a north facing window in the castle's entrance tower.

larch trees in early winter yellow plumage at Balintore Castle

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  1. Lovely to see a vista shot from within the castle.