Wednesday 27 November 2013

Final Plans!

Here is the second and final set of the scanned-in Victorian plans for Balintore Castle. These plans are all "plans" c.f. elevations. When I started technical drawing at secondary school, it tickled me no end to discover that "plan" has a distinct particular meaning (i.e. a view from above) as well as a more general one of an accurately representational drawing of an object. You will observe that the Victorian architect numbers their plans from the bottom up; and that the Elizabethan blogger has chosen to honour that order of presentation below. :-)

Plan 1 Foundations and Drains

Plan 2 Basement Floor

Plan 3 Principal Floor

Plan 4 Principal Bed Room Floor

Plan 5 Attics and Roofs

Plan 11 Floor Girders

Plan 12 Girders in Attic Floor Details etc

1 comment:

  1. Wow David,
    This is cool!!!
    You can build a maquette now! (not that you need one since the castle is still there, but anyway). I really like these plans!