Tuesday 28 June 2011

Postpartum !

Phew! I have just about caught up on my sleep after the Bacchanalian excesses of the Balintore Castle Midsummer Party. Many thanks to everyone who make the effort to attend - it was fabulous to see old friends and new. In fact it turned into a mini reunion of ex-employees of Realtime Worlds (RTW), which spectacularly went into receivership last year. Indeed, I described RTW to another guest, in a moment of expedicious precis,  as "the games company which went bang".

I must also say thanks to the "friends of Balintore" who helped with the setting-up, the cooking and the clearing up afterwards. You know who are.

Incredibly. we were blessed with good sunny weather on the day. The day before and the day after were wash-outs, so those that camped overnight headed off fairly promptly after breakfast on the Sunday morning.

The attached 3D point cloud image was created on the day of the party by Flying Scotscam, a aerial photography company.based in Kirriemuir. This is created, by some IBM software called Photosynth, from multiple photographs taken by a small remote controlled helicopter. For more see:


Does anyone know how to obtain the raw point cloud data from Photosynth? As a 3D graphics programmer, I would love to play about with the data set of point coordinates. :-)

Should post-party blues be called post-party-um? :-) In fact, after recuperating from the sheer physical hard work of organising the party, the event has left me really motivated to redirect the same level of energy towards the castle restoration after many days of  not being able to.

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