Tuesday 21 June 2011

A Poem For Today

While stationary in the Edinburgh rush hour traffic today, after picking up items bought on gumtree for the castle, I composed a poem in my head, Here goes ....

Kincardine, Kincardine, Forth, and Tay
These are the bridges I have crossed today
"Kincardine twice?" I hear you say
Yes, my GPS led me astray!

I have no explanation of why this popped into my head, but I do offer my humblest apologies for sharing. :-)


  1. I should reassure readers that I am not prone to calliopean endeavour, and am thus unlikely to repeat this felony. Indeed, my last poem was three years ago, to win a friend a vacuum cleaner in a competition. While I was personally proud of my epistle in the Scottish dialect on the joys of hoovering, I suspect the only merit was thematic novelty. :-)

  2. Brace yourself! Here comes that poem on the joys of hoovering channelling the spirit of Robert Burns:

    Wee sleekit courin' bit o' stouie,
    Whit's tha panic in thy breastie?

    Hast thine owner a cleaner plan,
    To dicht more deeply than hand of man?

    A dyson, hoover, or generic vacuum.
    Which brand will seal thy doom?

    Can this mortal's aspirateur-ial aspirations
    Overcome his closet's current denudations?

  3. LOL at the GPS ditty. Love it!

  4. Thanks Laura for this and your other comments - it's just that no-one has complimented my poetry before, so it's an event to acknowledge! :-)