Thursday, 24 March 2022

Auntie Nellie in Malted Mint

Today Auntie Nellie started donning her Malted Mint raiment. In short, Glen has been painting the former bedroom of Lady Langman, known as Auntie Nellie to her family.

The paint which was specially chosen to match the historic colour of the room had been sitting in the entrance hall for a week or so. I had been too frightened to open the expensive tins in case the colour was wrong, and indeed did not want to open them until painting was actually going ahead.

Glen came up to me in the morning and presented the paint-covered interior side of the lid of a tin,: "What do you think of the colour?". To my great relief, the colour was exactly what I had hoped for, and I blurted out "I like it.". "What do you think?" I asked Glen. He replied "I like it too, it's one of those colours that will change with the time of day and the weather.". Never a truer word! As I looked at the half painted room today, I could see that the ambiguous blue/green was pulling the sky into the room and giving an airborne feeling to the space that was exhilarating.

partially painted principal bedroom

Watch this space as the painting continues ...

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