Sunday, 4 July 2021

Top Floor Cushions Covers

Thanks to friend of Balintore, Violet,  for sewing cushion covers for the window seats that Gregor built on the top floor of Balintore Castle.

The colour of the paint in the "purple room" is called "Highland Thistle". I am afraid the name did sway me, because it felt so appropriate for Balintore. Accordingly, Violet covered the cushion in a thistle print out of her rag bag, and picked up the wall colour by covering the buttons in a purple velvet. The pitch pine lining in the window seat is from Lochee Parish Church in Dundee, and the patina is so great, I could not bring myself to paint over it.

seat cushion in purple room

I told Violet I was going to go for a mid-green paint for the "green room". However, by the time Violet chose a green fabric from her rag bag, I still had not nailed the paint colour. I finally chose "Greenhill" from B&Q as it was on special offer. When Violet's cushion arrived, I was astonished how closely the colour of the fabric and the paint matched. Kismet!

seat cushion in green room

For the "red room" I supplied Violet with a forgiving damask, that would blend with anything warm. Again, the paint colour was chosen afterwards, and thankfully there was no glaring clash. Note how Violet has carefully centred the pattern.

seat cushion in red room

Violet did this amazing work for free! I gave Violet some Python programming hints for her Data Science college course homework in return. However, this doesn't count as it was such fun! 

It goes without saying, that I am delighted with the cushions and the clear attention to detail which in my view lifts the atmosphere of the rooms.


  1. Oooh, I like that conversation chair :-p

  2. Could you tell me what time the open day starts, thankyou

  3. Ian, David told me it starts at 10am.

  4. I visited on Saturday with Violet (and the other halves) such a day! I was in restoration heaven. Do you have a list of volunteer people I can join? I work 8 months of the year, 3 days a week and usually have December, January and February off. Quite happy to all manner of indoor/outdoor things and am not fear’t of getting filthy. My current job is with the ‘Tea Gardens of Scotland’ as Latterday landgirl on one of the estates involved. I don’t have Violet’s ability with the soft furnishings but am dab hand at clearing up messes of all varieties.

    1. Hello latterday landgirl, delighted you enjoyed the open day. :-) The excellent response from the open day, means we have decided to start a "friends of Balintore" email list for people that want to volunteer, or simply have advance access to events, or even want to know the behind the scenes gossip. :-)