Monday, 21 September 2020

Mists and Ectoplasms

At present, the castle is basking in an almost miraculous late autumnal weather window. The days are sunny and warm, and there are moments during the day when it feels just like summer. Of course, such moments of joy are bitter-sweet at this time of year, as it is a particularly intense reminder that the merciless winter is merely biding its time.

Autumnal mists and sun can combine to give spectacular atmospheric effects and yesterday back-lit mists rolled moodily towards the castle, but were vaporised before the could reach the building.

backlit mists looking south from castle

mist looking west from castle

Yesterday a strange miasma appeared in the women servants' bedroom. You can see the ectoplasm dangling down from the ceiling on a thin thread. We had been using steam to remove the old patchy lining paper from the ceiling. The 50 years-worth of cobwebs which had built up on the ceiling had somehow formed into this eerie structure. The ectoplasm would truly have gifted any spiritualist meeting

ectoplasm dangling from ceiling

The morale of this story is that, for whatever reason, at Balintore there is always something new to see.

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  1. Hi there, sorry to have wandered around your castle today. We saw it in the distance while heading to blackwater reservoir. It is absolutely fabulous. And we were on a mission to find it. We were the strange couple with 2 kids and a rottie wandering around your front garden. Such an amazing project. Good luck folks x

  2. I normally offer walkers a cup of tea - so apologies for my negligent hospitality today. I am currently away from Balintore but will be back in a few days. Thanks for your kind words.