Monday, 1 June 2020

Open to the Sky

One benefit of the current glorious spell of cloudless and warm weather is that we can undertake roof replacement work. Gregor had previously cut beams to the right lengths for a section of flat roof above the entrance tower. Everything was ready for action. Today's continuing good weather gave Liam and Gregor the green light.

Sadly the roof we are replacing was the first area that was fixed at the castle. However, there was a section of roof in the first repair that sloped the wrong way and instead of draining, forever held a puddle. Over time, this started leaking and the old beams underneath became even more rotten.

As we are now smartening up the entrance tower, the leak had to be sorted once and for all. With the roof removed, the sun is currently streaming into the top of the tower. This is so lovely, and there is part of me that doesn't want the space covered over. :-)

corridor open to the sky - looking south - new replacement beams visible

corridor open to the sky - looking north - original rotten beams visible

With a sound roof, we can finally work on the section of corridor underneath. Further progress will be reported on this blog.