Saturday 20 June 2020

Midsummer Mists and Moths

eerie glow at 10:30 at night

Today is midsummer: my favourite time of the year in Scotland. The long evenings are magical and great for having friends over - sadly not possible at the moment. Instead, I thought I might do a midsummer post. 

Late yesterday evening there was an eerie luminescent glow coming through the castle windows. It was night time and yet there was this strange light. Putting two and two together, I realised this is the result of the cloud coming down at 10:30 PM near the end of a long Scottish summer's day, when there is still a lot of light around. Even later on the light turns blue, which is the famous Scottish "gloamin" where you can walk around almost as if it were day long after midnight.

Summer also brings beautiful butterflies who seem to love the inside of the castle. The photos show a Peacock and a Small Tortoiseshell. Excuse the use of "moth" rather than "butterfly" in the blog entry title, but who could deny me the alliteration? :-)

Peacock butterfly in castle

Small Tortoiseshell butterfly in castle


  1. Beauties! The butterflies know that the thick castle walls will protect them while they rest.
    22:30pm is impressively bright in Balintore in the summer.

  2. The right interests and joys in them, Master of Balintore