Monday, 1 January 2018

Angus Castle Fly-by

I was struck by the beauty of a recently posted YouTube video by a Skip Brown featuring the delights of Angus. I waited and waited, would Balintore Castle appear? It did! 

There is a sequence with a number of fortified buildings in Angus appearing starting at 1:35. I have included stills of Balintore Castle, Airlie Castle and Cortachy Castle from the video. It is rare that you see Airlie and Cortachy from the air. 

Drones are certainly giving us a fresh and joyous view of our landscapes, and this is to be greatly celebrated. I have embedded the video at the end of this blog entry. The whole video is worth watching for itself not just for the "fortified buildings".

Balintore Castle from the air

Airlie Castle from the air

Cortachy Castle from the air


  1. That is really fun! Great to get the sky views!

  2. Hi Dave! Can you email me - I am a TV producer interested in the possibility of filming with you. Thanks! Jay... sinrod @ gmail

  3. Hi David, I understand you get a lot of these, but could you possibly contact me regarding a small informative section in a non-fiction book due out end of this year. Not about the castle but some training took place near by so would love a bit if background! Email is Ta!