Sunday, 1 October 2017

A Study In Pink

I am currently seeking listed building consent (LBC) to fix-up the interior walls in the main body of Balintore Castle. This is essentially all rooms not in the kitchen wing's ground floor, which is the only part of the building which has planning permission for full restoration.

Angus Council came back to me to say they needed plans with all affected rooms annotated. When I was around 4, the gift of a colouring-in book was as good as life got, and it is the tragedy of being a grown-up that one can see the pointlessness of colouring everything in when a short English phrase ("all rooms except the kitchen wing ground floor") does a better job.

Anyhow, please find appended my compliant pink colouring-in oevres . OK, I maybe enjoyed it just a little. :-)

annotated basement plan

annotated principal floor plan

annotated first floor plan
annotated attic plan


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  1. I would love a photographic "tour" of the interior!