Sunday, 16 July 2017

Carpet Reprieve

Sourcing fixtures and fittings for the restoration of Balintore Castle has been an unexpected journey, and that journey, in turn, has been one of unexpected discoveries.

One of the most unlikely and joyous was a friend recently rescuing a vintage Persian carpet from the top of a garden bonfire before it was lit. After realising that the rug was too large for his own living room, he generously donated it to, and then transported it to the castle.

My thanks go to the "carpet-bagging" crew. Somehow, I was away the evening the carpet arrived and needed to be carried to an upper floor room. I have developed the skill of being elsewhere when heavy lifting is required, to such an extent that even I believe it to be just coincidence. :-)

The carpet was rather damp from being outside, but the window was opened to assist the drying process. The carpet looks great and its patina of age is perfect for its new location. Can anyone assist me in dating and identifying the type of the carpet?

rescued Persian carpet

rescued Persian carpet: edge detailing

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  1. Wow what a beautiful carpet ! I have several real ones that I found on the street in Paris and dragged home, some had just been cleaned ! I saw one in silk that was enormous but as it had rained the weight was beyond my ability even for Something free !