Sunday, 20 November 2016

Indae Windaes

To install two humongous steel I-beams, which will be the starting point for the rebuilding of a top floor bedroom, some serious lifting power was required. Cue Gary and his Manitou telehandler.

To amortise costs, what else could one do with a telehandler? In fact, there was no shortage of other jobs at the castle needing muscle and Gary completed these extremely efficiently on Saturday morning. I had assumed the following tasks would take all day:

  • installing a Victorian bath through a window at the front of the castle
  • installing an Edwardian bath through a window at the back of the castle
  • lifting beams for the new floor through a window
  • moving several piles of castle rubble to "tip areas"
  • moving reclaimed wood supplies nearer to the storage room

bath entering front window (from north)
bath entering front window (from west)
bath entering from window (from south)

bath entering back window

And finally a video of the floor beams being moved from the front to the back of the castle, prior to lifting them through a window. It is a bit of a tight squeeze going round the castle. Hold your breath! This is the first outing of the HD video camera on my new mobile phone. For some reason YouTube insisted on taking the shakes out of my camera work - they certainly know how to crush a newbie. :-)

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  1. Congrats!

    I also love seeing your new windows sparkle in the sun.