Monday 17 February 2014

Contents Sold Off !

My friend Andrew and I have recently been hunting down old newspaper articles relating to Balintore Castle, by searching publically available online digitised archives. You cannot find these things on google: this omnipotent, omnipresent search engine is reassuringly not quite omniscient. 

Anyhow, Andrew found a corker of a piece today. The scan below shows the details of a sale of contents from Balintore Castle in Edinburgh in 1877.  So it would appear that a substantial amount of the elegant furnishings and fittings were disposed of, only 17 years after the building was built. I knew there was a contents sale in the 1980's, so this much earlier sale is quite a surprise.

Balintore Castle contents sale details : 1st/2nd May 1877

I now have a detailed shopping list. The reassuring thing is that I have already ticked some boxes: including a "Turkey Carpet" and a "Rich-Toned Gong".  :-) I will type in a transcription for posterity and clarity!


  1. Wow.. looks like they emptied the place. You now have another lifelong pursuit! I was wondering how many bdrms the place had, now I know! 18!
    Laura S.

  2. Oooh, I wish I had a Tardis... Are there photos of the interiors with any of these furnishing in place at all David? Large Centre Ottoman with Raised Back? Tell me more :) I wonder what happened to the books that one assumes were in all those bookcases in the Library..........

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  5. wow david what a fantastic find and how sad that the contents were being sold after just 17 years ......well you need to start looking for those items lol hope you and balintore are very well hugs Catherine