Saturday 5 October 2013

Fantasy vs. Reality

In her fantasy life, Ms. Balintore plays an English boarding school, behind whose walls lies a sinister web of corruption, scandal and conspiracy. This is a genuine book cover created by my talented artist friend Catherine McIntyre . Coming to a bookstore near you!

Ms. Balintore's fantasy life

In her real life, Ms. Balintore was today hosting my friend Andrew and myself as we laid down winter wood supplies. A couple of weeks ago, the electricity company chopped down a massive yew tree close to the castle, while putting in a new overhead supply cable.  This was too good an opportunity to miss. Armed with my 240 volt electric chainsaw (that real men don't use), an inverter, and his land rover's car battery, Andrew turned the tree into logs for the wood burner. I dragged away the detritus, and built a bonfire on the castle terrace. We kept going all afternoon. Winter will be much the more bearable knowing there is now an impressive supply of fuel.

woodsman in lopping frenzy

logs for the wood burner

bonfire with castle in autumn evening sunshine 

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