Saturday, 15 June 2013

Jam Today and Jam Tomorrow

Depending on one's current turn of fortune, "God is in the small things" or "the devil is in the detail". Fortunately this blog entry is a minor "God slot".

I had some lovely castle visitors today. While a mutual friend showed them around, I tried to lick the kitchen into shape and made some scones. In a ruined castle, restoration has to take priority over housework. :-)

Anyhow, it turned out that one of the vistors was the production manager of the jam (MacKay's - made in Arbroath) that I had served up with the scones. She explained how the label design had recently changed to a white lozenge to make the name of the product stand out more, and that on her next visit she would supply the jam as long as I still supplied the scones.

One of my favourite phrases in the software industry is "to eat one's own dog food". The basically means that software one writes for external customers, is also used in-house. This is a mark of quality. I am delighted that MacKay's eat their own dog food. :-)

Perhaps, the only reason for this post is to celebrate my inaugural use of the phrase "jam today and jam tomorrow" in a non-figurative sense.

today's jam looking expectant of tomorrow's

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  1. Whenever I think of Balintore, I remember the smell of freshly baked scones, butter spread and jam you prepared. This has become a classic now :)