Wednesday 27 March 2013

Old Postcards of Balintore Castle

I am indebted to the prodigiously multi-talented Duncan Tattersall of the marvellous blog Ruination Scotland for these scans of old postcards of Balintore Castle. Believe me, that it is a total delight to view how things used to be, and see parts of the castle that are no longer intact or indeed that have gone missing.

There has been a frightful aliasing accident with the photogravure of the second image, which I will sort presently, suffice to say it didn't look like this when Duncan gave it to me. Oh yes, do click on the images as they have been scanned in very good quality.

old postcard: south-west view

old postcard: south-east view

old postcard: north-west view


  1. You're very welcome :)
    Like I mentioned before, I particularly like the view of the castle from the north-west. Must be the sign of a good architect if I like what is in effect the back of the building just as much as the rest!
    It's similar to other Burn buildings where the overall style carries through to the rear of the house, but with much simpler detailing than the facades designed to impress. There's just something about the plain crowsteps of the stair wing in Balintore's rugged stone which I love.

  2. Love reading your blog. Makes me long to see the castle again.

  3. Love the postcards. I'd like to see more photos of the north side of the castle.

    1. Me too! I'll try to obtain a scan of any more old postcards I come across. The north side is very much the "neglected elevation" as you have to climb up the hill behind the building to see it. I'll see if I have anything in my photo collection.