Friday 17 August 2012

November 1963

The picture below shows the external scaffolding currently in place on the east elevation, that has been erected to fix a leak in the lead box gutter built into the parapet wall. The small but continual leak has, over decades of neglect, destroyed the wooden floors all along the east elevation, so we also had to build a scaffolding tower on the inside to the same height to give internal roof access. Doing anything at Balintore Castle is hard! Using a combination of internal and external access: rotten timbers were replaced; the box gutter was "jacked up" by the 4 inches it had dropped, the roof was stripped, felted and re-slated. Now the box gutter is so firmly supported you can walk in this.  If you had tried to do so last week, you would have fallen through and dropped four floors accompanied by a shower of rotten wood.

Scaffolding on East Elevation

The internal scaffolding allowed unprecedented access to one of the attic bedrooms, and we found the following "graffiti" on the walls. It had clearly been under some wallpapering done in November 1963. I'm surprised decoration had been done this recently, but suspect it was virtually the last such. 

The text, which has been contrast enhanced for legibility, reads as follows:

FOR B&G K. Nov 5TH 1963

FOR B&G K. NOV 1963

I know Petrie is a local name - does anyone know the paperer or paste boy?  Who are B&G K? :-)

Historic Graffiti Discovered on Attic Bedroom Wall


  1. Could they have been employees of Barrie & Guild, Kirriemuir (

  2. And who appear to be still in business!

  3. Comming up to see how progress is going....ive been going to the castle for the best part of 7 year now and havent been there in a while..... be there aboyt half 2

  4. Hi Curt, great weather today at the castle. The Airlie Castle Open Day starts at 2PM - going with friends - so you may/may not catch me. Airlie Castle's post code is DD8 5NG - useful to know if you have SATNAV.

    1. Hi Curt. Airlie Castle is only 8 miles away from here - so you could do two birds with one stone.

  5. I've seen a few instances of a wallpaperer's mark left behind the peeling paper of old houses, but none quite as artistic as this!