Thursday, 1 September 2011

Stylish Illumination in Wetherspoons Dundee

One of the most rewarding aspects of restoring a castle, is that one's powers of observations grow as one is always on the look out for successful period looks - especially on the cheap! While visiting Wetherspoons (The Counting House) in Dundee after a yoga class, I noticed how the lighting astonishingly outclasses even the rather fine venue. In fact, mere probity prevented me from immediately detaching the lights from the ceiling, and installing them at the castle.

Forsooth,  these are gilded French Empire style chandeliers with ne plus ultra alabaster shades. Alabaster shades are carved from solid rock (alabaster is like a translucent marble), and produce a wonderfully warm diffused glow often enriched by a deep-textured geological veining. You can get "alabaster glass" shades which emulate the look but those at Wetherspoons are the real deal - you just don't want to know how much such chandeliers can cost.

French Empire Chandelier with Alabaster Shades

Classy Lighting at Wetherspoons in Dundee


  1. Hi there,

    I was out hillwalking today (up Cat Law) and walked past your castle on the way down. I hope you don't mind but I had a nosey all round the outside of the building as I was so curious about it. Slowly reading my way through your blog and I'm going to enjoy following your progress (I'm not really a castley kinda person but there is something about your castle that's very moving - though I can't put that into words) I must admit to being even more nosey and peering through the windows (glad you weren't having a bath :oD I wish you all the best with the renovation, a big job, but one you must love!

  2. Hi Sonya. Re. "your castle".. As a registered `Building at Risk` which is `A`- Listed, Balintore Castle needs a custodian rather than an owner..hence Historic Scotland & the Listing system! This castle belongs to us all..& imho. especially to people like you who claim no architectural savvy, but are still inexplicably very moved by Balintore`s aura and beauty. Please be reassured that as a hillwalker peering through windows, you are very unlikely to see anyone here in the bath!