Thursday, 29 September 2011

Castle Panorama !

You might not believe this, but it was only on my third trip to Balintore Castle - the first after I had bought it - that I realised that the view from the building was something pretty special. Before this I had always been looking "inwards" towards the building fretting about its state of disrepair.

Anyhow, on this occasion my advising architect for the restoration and myself were carrying out the necessary survey of the building that Angus Council has stipulated. OK, all I was doing was holding the end of my architect's 50m tape measure - he did the rest. :-)

As we finished one measurement, my architect said "David, look behind you.". The intensely white cloud was lying in a layer far below us at the bottom of the glen. The sky was an brilliant blue, and the sun was glinting obliquely across this white ocean. The instant thought went through my head "I know why they built the castle here". Without a shadow of a doubt, the castle had been strategically placed not just to command the landscape but to afford the residents a transcendent view. The view is even more spectacular from the viewing platform at the top of the great tower: so incredible in fact that one is never quite sure if it is actually real. Needless to say, it took a couple of years before scaffolding was erected to even get to the top of the great tower.

I mentioned to my friend Bert, that I had never managed to capture this view in a photograph, as the main vista, to the south, extends over 180 degrees.  To the north one is looking close-up at the side of a mountain! Anyhow, Bert has just sent me this panorama, stitched-together from three photographs. Thanks Bert!

view directly south from Balintore Castle

The currently proposed Carrach wind farm would extend from the tree on the left to the edge of the frame. :-(


  1. yeah and the views into the Cairngorms from Catlaw hill immediately behind the castle are dramatic too, especially with Autumn`s long shadows and fast-changing light. (You`re missing out David)!
    What are Paul Bradley`s thoughts on the windfarm proposals? - As an obvious admirer of the surrounding landscape, as well as architect in charge of what`s happening to Balintore Castle, might Paul`s views hold helpful weight with the Planning Dept., vis a vis windfarm proposals?