Tuesday, 17 August 2021

It's Gotta Go!

There a short section of connecting corridor which joins the top floor corridor to the circular stair well in the great tower (currently filled with scaffolding).

On the right hand wall of this connecting corridor in the photo below there is surviving plasterwork. This whole section of plaster moves in its entirety quite easily, showing that nothing can be saved.

However, the rule at Balintore is not to remove existing fabric until it absolutely has to go i.e. when new construction occurs in the area. The existing fabric provides clues as to the original set-up, and this is vital for a faithful restoration.

What the plasterwork tells us is that there was no door on either side of this connecting corridor as there is no visible evidence of door posts. You could simply not tell this from bare stonework alone.

Ironically, we will be placing a temporary door here to stop people falling down the stair well - long since devoid of the stairs - so we need a solid affixation point for the door posts. Hence the section of plaster had to go!

This blog records the section of plaster before removal.

plaster before removal

The next close-up photo of the plaster shows the 3 plaster layers clearly:

1. the bonding coat pushed into the wooden laths with diamond scratching on top
2. the under coat adhering onto the diamond scratching
3. the finishing coat making up the wall surface

plaster before removal (close up)

The final image shows the wall after the plaster and underlying wooden framework have been totally removed.

wall with plaster removed


  1. Interesting to have the stone and maybe healthier although true to the original you will surely put the plaster back. Another great exemple, thank you xo

  2. Por eso lo llamaste del terror sin duda reparar ahí a Sido de terror con lo difícil que es! Gran trabajo David

    1. Bueno, ¡gracias a mis constructores por ser valientes!