Saturday, 20 December 2014

Entry in Architecture Book

As part of a mission to collate all unearthed information relating to Balintore Castle, this blog entry presents two scans from a book on Scottish architecture. For the life of me, I cannot recall the name of the book or indeed if I ever knew it, because the scans were kindly given to me by a friend.

This entry for Balintore Castle is described in words very accurately to a high level of detail. The compiler of the book must be quite a perfectionist. My only quibbles are that the kitchen wing is called an "office wing", and that the stone is described as grey whereas I would call it brown. It is, however, my belief that the castle started off as grey and oxidised to brown. Nevertheless, I cannot give the author the benefit of age, as the book mentions the collapsed oriel window, so it must have been written after 2000 when this occurred. Stylistically, the book looks much older.

Many people ask me how long the castle took to build. I have never known the answer, but this entry suggests a mere two years i.e. 1859-1860.

I am indebted to the author, for teaching me a new word aedicular in relation to the entrance. Aedicular means framed: Balintore's front door is flanked by two pillars (strictly pilasters) and a-topped by a pediment.

book page 345:  entry on Balintore Castle: part 1

book  page 346: entry on Balintore Castle: part 2

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