Thursday, 10 October 2013

Stars at Balintore

Last night it howled a gale. The electricity went down at 9 PM, and has only just come on again this morning at 10:30 AM. I was concerned the power would be down for days. 

Anyhow, my visitor Duncan and I were reduced to watching the film "The Wolfman" on a laptop by the wood burner. We did the first 75 minutes of the film, before the charge ran out, tantalisingly, just at the climax.  Due the howling wind, mother nature supplied an atmospheric surround-sound soundtrack. The wind inside the castle blew out the candle I was trying to use to get to bed. There was much groping in the dark. Duncan was braver and went out to get some photographs. The wind had blown away the last hint of a cloud, and the stars were amazing as Duncan's photograph below shows.

stars at Balintore

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